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Welcome to Ritchey Livestock ID.

Ritchey Ear Tags, created by founder Gene Ritchey and owned by Grant and Craig Ritchey, are the only tags which allow the numbers or letter to be permanently engraved into the dual colored tag. This unique method is done when producers engrave through the top color layer, exposing the center layer - permanently embedding the number or letter into the tag.

Ritchey Ear Tags are second to none in the industry. Unsurpassed in retention, legibility and durability, Ritchey Tags save producers both time and money. Ritchey Tags are part of the only identification system that allows for the do-it-yourself or factory-done pre-numbering, while guaranteeing that the numbers or letters engraved remain permanent.

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The office staff at Ritchey Tags are trained, knowledgeable and focused on serving you!

Ritchey Tags has very affordable prices with high quality products.

Ritchey Tags provides you with great products needed to run your cows and calves!


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